I Think DR Creations is one of the best in the trade now… I actually got my Registration memorably done with you guys a year back… and then the homecoming was awesomely captured with such short notice. Since we live away from Sri Lanka I got to see the home coming album last December only and i was thrilled to see it as it was done amazingly… everyone who saw it started asking me about the photographer and praising how talented they were.. Seeing the way they have captured pics. One thing i should tell you… DR never put pressure on us… or never took our pressure in to their head. They were there throughout like family and completed their task making us absolutely stress free… end result was a happy event and happy End product by them. And I’m looking at them right now… It brings happiness in to our lives… I can tell the new clients who are looking for real life photography, chose them… you guys wont regret.. Memories for life! All the best Dinesh & Ruwanthie. As individuals you guys have always been committed people in whatever you do & keep doing what u are doing and u guys will reach the top! We are proud of u both!!!

Tharu & Shanaka

Thanks Dinesh & Ruwanthie for the amazing photographs! And for being so down to earth and really easy to work with! You guys are very professional in what you do and I would definitely recommend DR creations to anyone without a doubt for photography. All the best with everything. I am sure DR Creations will do extraordinarily well!

Suraiya & Ammar